The power to heat entry solution for every budget

This is where the ASKOHEAT+ with the two-way meter is used to store excess electricity from the PV system in the form of heat in the hot water tank.

With the installation of the energy meter at the house node and the ASKOHEAT+ in the buffer storage, you have already taken the first step into the smart home world. You connect your home router and the ASKOHEAT+ with an on-site LAN cable. Connect the ASKOHEAT+ and the energy meter with an RS485 cable (two-wire line). The wiring for Power to Heat is complete.

The following energy meters are available for this purpose:

  • ASKOMA bidirectional meter RTU and RTU III
  • Carlo Gavazzi EM340
  • Optec ECS M3
  • Eastron SDM72D-M


Supported devices ASKOHEAT+


The ASKOHEAT+ is available in the following versions

You can choose from the following device variants

Functions available in the house network via WEB-Interface