With around 60 employees, we have been developing and producing customer-specific products for the HVAC market since 1967. You can find a selection of our range here.

Products for the PV market

PV excess power / thermal energy storage

Find out more about our electric heating elements for self-consumption for heating drinking and heating water with photovoltaics, as well as about our solutions for storing excess PV power easily and inexpensively.

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Heating (Electric heating elements)

Electric heating elements for heating service and heating water

ASKOMA AG develops, manufactures and sells electric radiators for heating drinking and heating water. Our standard range can be manufactured with additional functions. We are also happy to respond to corresponding customer requests.

In addition, we sell corresponding accessories such as instantaneous water heaters, transition sleeves, etc.

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Control (Surface mounting- / built-in thermostats)

Thermostats for measuring and regulating the temperature of heating, domestic water, ventilation, chimneys, etc.

We offer you a large selection of housing thermostats. As a 2 or 3 point controller, temperature-compensated, electromechanical, electronic or even rod and built-in thermostats. This for the application areas of heating, swimming pools, fireplaces, air ducts, pipe mounting or immersion sensor mounting.

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