Change only happens if someone leads by example (Anne Wojcicki)

To live up to the saying of Anne Wojcicki, a lot was changed in ASKOMA AG in 2019.

On the one hand, we have decided on an energetic renovation of the building, which gives our company a completely new look. The renovation included an external wall and loft insulation, in addition the ramp gate and all doors and windows were replaced by the latest Minergie / low energy house standards.
Another major change is the heating. An oil heating system (14,000 liters of oil a year) has now been converted to three heat pumps and the installation of a PV system of 85 kW has also been implemented. This enables us to reduce energy consumption for heating and electricity from around 156,500 kW/h to a total demand of 33,535 kW/h.
We are now CO²-neutral and thus prevent 24,004 kg of CO² in other places by delivering our PV surplus electricity.

Here are some before - after impressions: