• The heating insert has a web interface. The usual web browsers allow you to make a variety of settings and retrieve the current status.
  • The wiring in the heating element comes from the factory on the housing connector, the mating connector is included in the delivered package.
  • ASKOHEAT+ divides its total output into 7 linear stages
  • The 7 power stages can be controlled via Modbus TCP or RTU as well as via 0-10V (with 0-10V, the stages and the voltage are freely configurable).
  • 4 dynamic legionella protection time programmes are integrated, once a day, once a week, once every 2 weeks, once a month (time starts counting from the last time the set temperature was reached)
  • Button for emergency heating on the unit = heating rod switches to 100% power for 24 hours, subsequently the heating element returns to standard. The power can be changed via the web interface
  • Potential-free input for the function as emergency heating for heat pumps. Switches 100% of the power, this can be changed via the web interface.
  • Up to 4 x PT1000 sensors can be read out to display a stratification temperature behaviour in the storage tank
  • Use of night current = drinking water can be kept at the desired, freely adjustable temperature in the boiler with night current
  • Minimum temperature = A minimum temperature can be defined which is never fallen short of (daytime current is also used with this function).
  • Can be integrated into any energy management system via Modbus TCP/RTU or​       0-10V
  • A component of ASKOFAMILY+, the energy manager of ASKOMA with ASKOSET+ and the ASKOHOME+ app
  • In insulated design with dipswitch for all storage materials, usable for heating as well as drinking water
  • The good feeling for having a high-quality product for Power to Heat to store maximum solar power​

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