Chose the right ASKOHEAT+ and the bidirectional meter for the Power to Heat entry.


  • Store excess electricity in heat at any time
  • Expandable at any time out of ASKOFAMILY+
  • Open to all heat pump systems 

Chose the right ASKOHEAT+ and the bidirectional meter for the Power to Heat entry.

With the installation of the energy meter at the house node and the ASKOHEAT+ in the buffer tank, you have already taken the first step into the smart home world.

You connect your house router and the ASKOHEAT+ with an on-site LAN cable. Then connect the ASKOHEAT+ and the energy meter with an RS 485 cable (two-wire line) and the wiring for Power to Heat is ready.

The whole thing can be expanded at any time with the ASKOSET to view and prioritise all other storage tanks and devices in the house.

Learn more about this product in our ASKOHEAT-PtH brochure.

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